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Three Online Marketing Channels That All Business Should Be Using

If you’re new to the marketing scene, then there’s no better time to introduce yourself to the potential of different channels. Online promotions are undertaken by thousands of businesses on a weekly basis and the goal is always the same; to reach a wider audience, obtain a fresh influx of traffic and promote the chances of sales.

Here are three particularly effective channels that all companies should consider taking advantage of – especially if a higher volume of sales are on your agenda.

Social Media Marketing

Often abbreviated to SMM, this form of publicity relies on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other interactive services. Whether you develop an online presence in the form of a company page, or if you pay for advertisements and banners to be placed where audiences can see them and click through to your site – the market is already there, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of it.

Search Engine Optimisation

Possibly the largest form of online publicity, SEO is unlike any other channel in the sense that it takes a website and places it as prominently as possible for search engine users to see. The higher up in the results that your site appears, the more chance there will be of receiving consistent traffic – and all marketers understand just how important this audience can be when it comes to sales.

Google AdWords

As effective as SEO can be, there’s a paid way to ensure that a website ranks as highly as possible online – and that’s via AdWords. This platform allows businesses to pay to appear high in search result pages. The more money that can be put toward this feature, the longer the site will remain at the top of the results – and this type of exposure is something that all companies will appreciate.